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Ladder Items update 3/21/19

         D2store.net; Buy Diablo 2 items and services for low prices, including cd-keys, currencies, runes, and all items with fast delivery times! D2store.net is a shop run by professional gamers and built around one goal; to give our customers great satisfaction for their investment, and help them reach new levels in Diablo 2.

Our prices are kept very low and competitive with other stores so you know you're getting the best deals with every one of your purchases. Also if you're a new or returning customer that hasn't taken advantage of our one time use 10% off anything coupon, just enter the code "hammer" when checking out. We will also occasionaly send out vouchers for even greater amounts, so be on the lookout!

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Recent News

6/16/18 Summer Ladder Reset is here!
Get ready to gear up! With Blizzard cracking down on botting, the legitimate player will have a serious upper hand this season. We'll be here to help you along your way to the top with regularly updated items and prices!

5/30/17 Ladder reset hits today!
A long tradition continues as the reset hit the servers today giving all a new chance to start over as equals! Stay tuned as we will have items ready for purchase today and updating new items every day so you can stay competitive in the ladder race!

4/14/17 Added a currency function!
We recognize that our customers span accross the globe, and we want to make your purchases are smooth as possible. That's why we made a simple tool for customers to switch to their own form of currency so there's no confusion over prices! Just check the flag that correlates to your currency on the right side of the page!

Leveling Services
Rush $1.95 1-93 $18.95
1-75 $4.95 1-94 $23.95
1-80 $6.50 1-95 $27.95
1-85 $7.95 1-96 $36.95
1-90 $9.95 1-97 $45.95
1-91 $12.50 1-98 $58.95
1-92 $14.95 1-99 $79.95

(Comes with link to track your level progress!)


2x .08 Rare boots added to East NL



4/4/17 Introducing extreme leveled char price reductions!
We have revamped our character leveling section and lowered prices by as much as 500%. We promise to complete your rushing or leveling service in a very timely manner so that you're able to start playing with your new character shortly after purchasing!

11/22/16 Diablo 2 Ladder reset arrives!
Today marks the most reset ladder reset for 2016. We'll be adding items daily and giving you the best prices possible so that you can gear up and get to the top of the ladder quickly!

5/18/2016 Diablo 2 Ladder reset arrives for the summer!
Exciting news from Blizzard announcing the ladder reset today. This will mark the first reset in years without mass dupes and a much stronger economy. Cheers to Blizzard for finally fixing several bugs in their game, and to all, enjoy the new ladder run! We already have items, some come and get them at great prices!
11/25/14 Diablo 2 Ladder reset arrives!
Exciting news from Blizzard announcing the ladder reset today. This will mark the first reset in years without mass dupes and a much stronger economy. Cheers to Blizzard for finally fixing several bugs in their game, and to all, enjoy the new ladder run!
7/5/14 Diablo 2 Non-Ladder .08's and Godly rares
For years d2store.net has been one of the only stores to offer PERM classic rare .08 items for sale, and we have recently increased the volume in all three realms. Check them out in the "rare & crafted" section!
7/1/14 Diablo 2 Ladder items price slash!
Prices for all Diablo 2 Ladder items have been decreased to an all time low, be sure to check out the great deals!
5/28/14 Diablo 2 Ladder reset items added!
We want to be one of the first stores to offer a large variety of ladder items to customers so they are able to level faster and start magic finding etc quicker than anyone else!
3/11/14 Path of Exile gear added
Make your characters godly without spending countless hours farming for good gear!  Along with that, we've added guides for beginners to take advantage of and learn some important info about how the game works, and learn some of the similarities of Path of Exile and Diablo 2. http://www.d2store.net/Path_Of_Exile_Blog
1/26/14 70% Price slash for all realms!
Our bigest price slash ever! All realms, including ladder and non-lade have had their inventory dropped by neardly 70% to ensure that you're always getting the beast deals at D2store.net!
1/2/14 Points System Added Updated
We've just added a points system that will give users points every time they make a purchase at D2store.net. You can later use these points to purchase the items you want without having to spend real money! For more information on the new points system click here.
10/26/13 Ladder Reset!
Items will be added daily, and prices will fluctuate based on the economy so you are always getting the best deals!
5/16/12 Ladder Prices Slashed!
We've just lowered all of our ladder items to near pre-reset prices so you can gear your godly characters up for way less than any other store! Also be sure to check out the full character gear we've just added for the best deals!
5/15/10 Full Character Packs Added to Ladder
We've just added back our full character gear to ladder so you're able to get everything you want all at once for an amazing price!
5/13/10 Hardcore Ladder items added!
We've just added East, West, and Europe HC items to our selection for those who have the guts to play hardcore!
4/26/10 Free items chart added for ladder
We recently reduced all ladder prices to make sure that we keep to our promise to carry the best items for the lowest prices. We also added a chart which will tell you which free items you'll receive with your purchases!

3/21/10 Preparing for the Ladder Reset
In preparation for the upcoming ladder reset on Tuesday March 23rd we are currently updating the ladder sections and removing most items temporarily. We have also moved all of the rare items from the ladder sections to the non-ladder, including jewels. New items will be added back to the ladder sections shortly after ladder season 5 has started!

1/2/10 Automated delivery added
We've just implemented an automated delivery system which allows you to receive your item orders in record times! (Currently this does not include the rares, char packages, or skill charms sections, but will very soon)

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